Computing Degree Show 2016

Developing a mobile game for iOS

The aim of the project was to develop a mobile game for iPhone and iPad as an example of real-world independent game development. This meant mirroring the conditions of real world game development such as design, development and testing as much as possible.

The game is a 2D platformer where the player controls the character called ‘Munchy and can run, jump, climb walls and use camouflage to move throughout each level. This provides the player two ways to approach a level they can choose to either sneak past enemies using invisibility or can attack and try to defeat them.

You score points by moving further throughout each level and picking up gold coins along the way. The game includes an in-game tutorial to teach the player the controls and two separate levels each differently themed in terms of gameplay. 

The project was developed in Unity 5 specifically for iOS.

As well as mirroring the conditions and processes of real-world game development the project also involved managing and leading an outsourced graphic designer to create the visual assets for the game in addition to programming the game and using skills from project management, game development, game design, source control, market research, test-driven development and intellectual property rights.

By Sam Watkins