Computing Degree Show 2016

Step-by-step: An application for students to step through code

Physical computing is a module for the first year computing students at the University of Dundee which aims at providing some basic knowledge about programming and microcontrollers on the Arduino platform. However, the programming skills and the circuit theory of Arduino may not be easily understood by those beginners since they do not have related background before. Although there are already some applications which can help users to code with Arduino such as Flowcode and Ardublock, these applications mainly focus on the programming itself rather than the understanding of the code and the physical board. Arduino Education is a Java application which was designed as an overall learning system.

The aim of the Arduino Education is to: help the Arduino beginners and first year computing students to understand the Arduino code step by step, give a full experience of learning Arduino projects and motivate and encourage first-year students to become more engaged in programming with Arduino.

Arduino Education was built in the Eclipse IDE with Java Swing toolkit. All the information in the system is stored in the MySQL database.


Ruijie Huang