Computing Degree Show 2016

Encouraging Literacy through Audio-Augmented Reading

Literacy is an important life-skill that we begin learning at a young age. Some children have problems learning or staying focused while beginning to read, although this often depends on the actual content of the material the child is reading. Some children struggle to engage with the words on the page, and would much prefer to watch video or play games. These are much more engaging for them, by providing multi-sensory stimulation with images, video and sounds.

The aim of this project is to bridge the gap between reading and video, with the hypothesis that by augmenting the reading experience by including audio sound effects, children will find it easier to immerse themselves in the stories and this will encourage them to read more, improving their literacy skills. Existing solutions such as soundboard books or narrated audiobooks do exist, however this project explores the unique use of the Pupil Labs’ eye tracking headset and software to trigger sound effects based on where the user is looking. This would augment and enhance the reading experience without radically changing the way the user reads.

Peter Bennington

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