Computing Degree Show 2016

Health Information Delivery for People with Mild Cognitive Impairments

Currently there are many mobile applications that deliver health information in a way that is inaccessible to people with mild cognitive impairments. The aim of this project was  to design and create an Android application which was easier to understand and more accessible.

This application will allow the users to easily keep track of how many steps they take, the glasses of water they drink, their fruit and vegetable intake as well as their activity time. The tracking of the steps is shown on the first image on the right.

The application will motivate the users to improve their healthy lifestyle in two ways. There is daily targets which are rewarded with bronze, silver or gold stars and also a trophy Reward System which reward the user for continually meeting these daily targets.

The evaluation stage of the project involved three participants who gave a system usability score of 71.67. They all gave very useful feedback which was largely positive. This showed that the project was a success however more evaluation on a larger scale is required for more accurate results.


Gareth Lloyd