Computing Degree Show 2016

Room booking timetable display

Curtis Menmuir

The Queen Mother Building (QMB) is the home of Staff and Students researching the field of Computing at the University of Dundee. There are a number of rooms in the QMB which can be booked for a wide variety of events. The current booking system is paper based, requiring staff to manually update paper timetables posted on the doors of the rooms. With the recent cuts to administrative staff in the QMB, the current system is no longer feasible. This project focuses on creating a mobile application to allow the Staff and Students to easily access an up-to-date timetable of a QMB room from an Android device. The Android application will communicate with a Spring RESTful web service, allowing users to: Search for an available booking, reserve a room, or mark their attendance for an event. The solution presented by this paper solves the issues with the current system; offering a comprehensive solution to manage the timetables of the rooms in the QMB. If the solution is proven to be successful within the QMB, it is extensible to allow more University buildings to be easily added to the system.