Computing Degree Show 2016

ICVGoggles: Wearable Adjustable Simulations of Impaired Colour Vision

This project is part of the Honours course taken by Babak Momen under the supervision of David Flatla at the University of Dundee. The project aims to improve upon current ICV (Impaired Colour Vision) simulation techniques by utilising new technological hardware. An Oculus Rift headset will be used in conjunction with OVRVision cameras to simulate a spectrum of ICV to users. The aim is to gather and analyse qualitative and quantitative data surrounding the usage of the goggles from participants with ICV and from participants without.

The Oculus Rift was selected since it is a promising VR headset which will soon be available for the public to purchase.

If this project is successful in its aims, the software could potentially be used to educate and inform people about ICV in an impactful manner. The system will also aid designers who struggle with creating interfaces tailored for colour blind users.