Computing Degree Show 2016

A Dynamic Agent Framework for Tactical Position Evaluation within a Game Engine

ADHD Analysis Using Sensor Data

An Investigation into the role of Choice in Player Experience

Automated deployment and management of ecommerce hosting infrastructure

BuddyUp a social platform for discovering new activities and people

Consentify: Support tools to ensure ethical consent protocols are followed

Constraint programming for kids

Course management solution

Creating a new computer game using constraint programming

Creation of a Quote Node Classifier

Cryptography tutor

Darts Trainer

Neo4j search tree for a BIBD constraint satisfaction problem

Data Engineering for Constraint Programming

Deep Learning for Game-playing Agents

Deep Learning Local Features for Visual Action Recognition

Developing a Mobile Collectible Card Game

Developing a mobile game for iOS

DG Builder: A graphical interface for building Dialogue Games

Dialysis Check: Everyday mobile application for renal dialysis patients


Encouraging Literacy through Audio-Augmented Reading

Equipment Booking Service

Exploring Visual Content to Sound Mapping

Exploring Visual Depth to Sound Mapping

Face recognition in video

Gamification in Language Learning

Giftr iOS App

Health Information Delivery for People with Mild Cognitive Impairments

ICVGoggles: Wearable Adjustable Simulations of Impaired Colour Vision

Migraine Diary App

Mobile Diabetes Project. The ‘KetoApp’: A Diabetic Ketoacidosis Prevention Application

Multimedia Tutorials for Computer Architecture Topics

Navarro’s Fitness and Fighting gym website

Own project

PANGU mobile client

Room booking timetable display

Search Algorithms Agent AI for a Grid-based Game

Space Gaze

Step-by-step: An application for students to step through code

Strategies in Dialogue Games

Supporting effective communication between patients and dental practitioners

System to aggregate and deliver business intelligence

Terrain generation using a GPU (Graphical Processing Unit)

Terrain generation using a GPU (Graphical Processing Unit)

Text Encoding and Argument

Type Inference in Programming Languages

U@D Attendance System

User-centric visualisation and exploration of multi-factor relevant results